Candace Aldridge

Harmony BellyDance Co. and Harmony Dance Studios in Victoria BC is owned and directed by Candace Aldridge. Studying with the most talented and diverse dancers of her genres, Suhaila Salimpour, Mira Betz, Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Kami Liddle, Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman and many more, Candace has become one of the most renowned and experienced Belly Dance Teachers and Performers in Victoria BC. Candace believes that every woman should have the opportunity to feel like the Goddess she is and this philosophy shines through in both her Belly Dance and Bellyfit® classes. Her masterful understanding of how the female body moves and her intuitive understanding of what the female soul is craving through movement, make her a huge asset to the Victoria community and beyond. She is the creative director and choreographer to Harmony BellyDance Co.s performing troupes.

Harmony BellyDance Co. Troupes & Performers

Harmony BellyDance Co. is proud to house three professional performance troupes in three different styles of bellydance.

Harmonys Allure, TangleWood and The Khamsa Collective. She finds great joy exploring the depths of her passion, knowledge and talents within these three groups. Always pushing the edge of her own boundaries, she challenges these woman to find their edge, to push themselves past what they know and step into the unknown. To allow themselves to also constantly shift and grow as dancers and find their fullest potential in dance, performance and study. Finding balance in these three groups, also brings the beauty of three different styles of dance, allowing full diversity, creativity and innovation in all their sets.

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