Registration is always open and you are able to join classes at anytime, except in the middle of choreography seasons. As always, exceptions can be made, however please contact Candace directly to discuss.

Make-Up Classes

If you miss a class, you are more than welcome to make it up within a month of your absence. You can make up your class in any of the other classes except for the performing groups.
If we are in choreography season, this unfortunately is not possible. Your options during this time would be either the Beginners class or Bellyfit®.
** You cannot deduct the cost off your next month’s payment. **


Payments are to be made in advance by the last day of each month for the following month. If you are unable to make your payment at this time or need a split payment plan, please contact Candace directly to set up. She is flexible and happy to help where she can.

Pro-Rated Pricing

If you know in advance that you will be missing classes, Candace will deduct those classes off your payment. If you join a session late, she will deduct the classes that you were not there for and you will pay what is left for that month. Please contact Candace directly to arrange this.