Studio Info

Harmony Dance Studios

#202-734 Aldebury Street.

There is parking inside the lot at the back of the building and in the front. Please do not park in any of the 24hr parking that is reserved or the Harmony Dance Studio space, however feel free to park in any of the other spots that are available. If the lot is full there is plenty of street parking or across the road in the superstore lot.

You will find the studio space on the top floor and can be accessed either through the front or back of the building.

My apologies but this space is not wheel chair accessible.

Looking for a space to rent?

The space is 800 sq feet, bright, warm and beautiful. Suitable for kids birthday parties, to meditation workshops, dance workshops, movie nights, troupe rentals, band practices and more. Please feel free to contact me at anytime for further questions or to book your rental today.