Troupes – Tanglewood


TangleWood is an American Tribal Style performance group comprised of 4 dancers: Amanda, Candace, Debs, and Kat. They have been dancing and performing together for 6 years now. Each individual dancer’s experience ranges from 4-13 years and they each bring their own personal flair to the group. As an American Tribal Style troupe, they are always pushing the boundaries of traditional ATS. TangleWood is always upping the game. They are well versed in finger cymbals, swords, baskets, and tambourines, keeping things fresh for returning audience members. They are finger cymbal aficionados and can never be learning enough about them: new rhythms, where to add them within the format, and constantly pushing themselves to do what they cannot. With a deep love for this dance style and passion for performing it for others, they are an electric group of women on and off stage.

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